Retro Jewelry

Retro Jewelry (1935-1950) in most part was large and futuristic.

This time period saw many changes to the way jewelry was crafted.  Due to war efforts and shortages of natural gem stones, platinum and certain alloys; rose gold, green gold, sterling and synthetic rubies were at the fore front of jewelry making

#146 - Ladies Diamond Ring WEB

14k Yellow Gold & 1.21ct Diamond Ring, Circa 1930's Appraisal - $3,200.00

#104 - Vintage Diamond Bangle Bracelet WEB

Vintage Hand Crafted 14k & 1.60ct Diamond Hinged Bangle Bracelet. Circa 1940-1950. Appraisal - $6,800.00

#834 - Kunzite Fashion Ring WEB

Retro Style 28.00ct Kunzite, .15ct Diamond & 1.00ct Pink Sapphire Ring in 18k Rose Gold SOLD

#21A,B - Retro Gold & Diamond Suite WEB.

Retro 14k Yellow Gold/Platinum & Diamond Suite of Matching Brooch & Earrings, c.1940 Appraisal - $11,300.00

#611 - Diamond Dress Watch WEB

Circa 1950's .75ct Diamond & Platinum Dress Watch with 14k White Gold & 2.38ct Diamond Bracelet, Total Combined Diamond Weight of Approx 3.13 carats Appraisal - $7,950.00

#817  Diamond Dinner Ring WEB

14k White Gold .80ct Diamond Fashion Ring, c.1950-1960 Appraisal - $2,600.00

#30 - Retro Turquoise & Diamond Bar Pin

16k Yellow Gold Hand Crafted Turquoise & .21ct Diamond Bar Pin, c.1940-1960 Appraisal - $1,500.00

#822  Retro 14k White & Yellow Gold Diam

14k White/Yellow Gold .30ct Diamond & .35ct Ruby Necklace, c.1940 SOLD

#345 - Palladium Pearl & Sapphire Lucien

Vintage Palladium Pearl & Sapphire Bracelet By Lucien Piccard, Bracelet is 7 1/2 Inches Long & Comes w/ Original Box, Circa 1940 Appraisal - $3,000.00

#714  Retro 14k Rose & White Gold Ruby &

14k Rose/White Gold Ruby & Diamond Ring, c.1940 Appraisal - $1,200.00

#33 - Vintage Rolex Wrist Watch WEB

Vintage Stainless Steel ROLEX Wrist Watch, Model 2940, c.1940's Appraisal - $4,000.00

#702  Retro 14k Rose Gold Ruby & Diamond

14k Rose Gold Diamond & Ruby Ring, c.1940 Appraisal - $1,400.00

#654 Plat Deco Style Earrings

Platinum Art Deco Style .54ct Old European Cut Diamond & Sapphire Accent Earrings, c.1940's SOLD

#739 14k Retro Diamond Earrings

14k White Gold .86ct Diamond Earrings, c.1940's SOLD

#415  Ruby & Diamond Flower Pin WEB

14k Rose/Green Gold Diamond & Ruby Brooch, c.1940 Appraisal - $1,200.00

#827  Retro Rose & Green Gold Bracelet W

Hand Crafted Retro Rose & Green Gold Bracelet, c.1940 Appraisal - $5,800.00

#807 14k Diamond .50ct Ring

14k Yellow Gold .50ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Cluster Ring Appraisal - $5,300.00

#801 14k Amethyst & Pearl Ring

14k Yellow Gold 16.87ct Amethyst and Pearl Ring Appraisal - $3,000.00

#193 14k Ruby & Diamond Ring

14k White Gold 7.50ct Cabachon Cut Ruby and .42ct Diamond Cocktail Ring Appraisal - $6,850.00

#590 Plat Sapphire & 4.14ct Diamond

Platinum 4.14ct Diamond and Sapphire Bracelet SOLD

#190 Ruby & Diamond Brooch

14k White Gold 18.50ct Cabachon Ruby and .75ct Diamond Brooch Appraisal - $10,500.00

#701 Plat  1.37ct OMC Ring

Platinum Art Deco Style 1.37ct Old Mine Cut Diamond Ring, c.1940's Appraisal - $8,495.00

#803 14k Diamond 1.00ct Bow Ring

14k Yellow Gold 1.00ct Diamond Bow Ring SOLD

#245 18k Emerald & Diamond Bracelet

18k White Gold 2.00ct Emerald and 2.60ct Round Brilliant Cut Bracelet Appraisal - $10,000.00

#824 14k 1.25ct Diamond Earrings

14k Yellow & White Gold 1.25ct Diamond Earrings SOLD

#522 14k Retro Diamond Ring WEB

14k Rose & White Gold .14ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring Apprasisal - $850.00

#123 Diamond, Ruby & Enamel Brooch

18k Yellow Gold Hand Crafted Antique Revival Style Brooch with Diamonds, Rubies & Enameling, c.1940's Appraisal - $2,750.00

#133 18k Ruby & Diamond Ring

18k Yellow Gold 1.04ct Ruby and .50cts Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring Appraisal - $5,500.00

#637 10k Emerald 3.25ct Ring

Vintage Asian (Hand Crafted & Hand Engraved) 10k Yellow Gold 3.25ct Emerald Ring, Circa Late 1940's - Early 1950's SOLD

#411 14k Jade & Carnelian Bracelet

14k Yellow Gold Jade and Carnelian Bracelet Appraisal - $2,500.00

#615 14k / Plat Ruby & Dia Ring

14k Rose Gold / Platinum Ruby and Diamond Cocktail Ring Appraisal - $3,200.00

#745 - Retro Ruby & Diamond Earrings WEB

14k Rose Gold 1.50ct Ruby and Diamond Earrings SOLD

#15 14k Jade & Dia -.07cts Ring

14k Yellow Gold Jade and .07ct Diamond Ring Appraisal - $1,500.00

#1041 Palladium .62ct Diamond Ring

Palladium .62ct Diamond Ring Appraisal - $4,100.00

#126 - Platinum Emerald Diamond & Black

Vintage Platinum 9.75ct Emerald, 2.15ct Diamond & Black Onyx Cocktail Ring, c.1940 Appraisal - $48,000.00

#421 Retro 14k Gold Bow Earrings

14k Yellow Gold Bow Earrings Appraisal - $1,600.00

#423 14k Gold Harman Ring Watch

14k Yellow Gold HARMAN Ring Watch Appraisal - $1,800.00

#048 - Platinum Black Opal Ring

Platinum Black Opal and Diamond Deco Style Ring Appraisal - $4,900.00

#883 Cat's Eye 3.30ct Alexandrite

Platinum Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl Alexandrite and Diamond Ring Appraisal - $18,000.00

#563 Ruby 3.36ct Diamond 1.46ct Ring

14k Yellow Gold 3.36ct Old European Cut Diamond and Ruby Ring SOLD

#525 22K Star Sapphire .86cts Ring

Hand Crafted 22k Yellow Gold Star Sapphire Ring Appraisal - $2,650.00

#408A-B 18k Enamel Brooches

18k Yellow Gold Enamel and Gem Stone Brooches Appraisal - $1,500.00 each

#613 Eastern Star Multi Gem Ring

14k "Eastern Star" Muti Gem Ring Appraisal - $2,100.00

#182 Platinum 1.89ct Emerald Ring

Platinum 1.89ct Emerald Ring Appraisal - $6,000.00