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Artisan Jewelry

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Ivan L. Schuster
Although my formal university training was in archeology, anthropology & folklore, my calling was always jewelry making. I grew up in a family w/ great appreciation for art & my father was always a jewelry designer.
I studied w/ masters in San Miguel, including Enrique Lopez (who taught for many years at the Instituto Allende) and Peter Hechtman who was a master of enameled jewelry.
In the U.S., I studied w/ Harold O' Connor, world renowned in the art of creative surface textures on jewelry. In total, I have been a creative silver & goldsmith for over 25 years.
Some of the techniques I use include hammering, repousse, roller mill texturing,
Ivan Schuster II.jpg
torch texturing, reticulation, granulation, enameling, punch stamping, fusing gold over silver and riveting.
In the beginning much of my jewelry was inspired by the art nouveau and arts & crafts movements as well as the aesthetics of Asian art.
"I try to incorporate structural ideas of famous architects and designers such as Charles Rennie MacIntosh, Josef Hofmann, Luis Barragan, Ricardo Legoretto and Alexander Calder.
Currently, I am working on a series of pieces inspired by the creation of the universe (pictured below). My designs are based on The Big Bang Theory, black holes and other stellar events.
I always try to push the silver and gold to see how far they will let me go.
My greatest honor has been commissions for making jewelry for weddings, special events and remembrances.
I hope my jewelry has touched the hearts of those who wear it, as the pieces have touched mine!"
The Big Bang WEB

"The Big Bang", Sterling & Amethyst Retail - $595.00

Sterling Turquoise Earrings WEB

Sterling Turquoise Earrings Retail - $495.00

What Lies Behind The Universe WEB

"What Lies Behind The Universe", Sterling & Assorted Precious Gemstones Retail - $895.00

14k Sterling Lapis Ring WEB

14k Sterling Lapis Ring Retail - $525.00

18k Sterling Ruby Art Nouveau Earrings W

18k Sterling Ruby Art Nouveau Earrings Retail - $1,295.00

14k Sterling Fresh Water Pearl Earrings

14k Yellow Gold & Sterling Fresh Water Pearl Earrings Retail - $495.00

Sterling Alamo Cuff Bracelet WEB1

Sterling Alamo Cuff Bracelet w/ Diamonds & Moonstone Retail - $950.00

Sterling Keshi Pearl Tulip Ring WEB

Sterling Keshi Pearl Tulip Ring Retail - $395.00

Sterling Fresh Water Pearl Necklace WEB.

Sterling Fresh Water Pearl Necklace Retail - $795.00

Sterling Pearl Spectrolite Earrings WEB.

Sterling Pearl Spectrolite Earrings, Finland Retail - $495.00

Sterling Onyx Earrings WEB

Sterling Onyx Earrings Retail - $495.00

Red Glass Bracelets WEB

Gold Vintage Beads with Red Glass Bracelet(s) Retail - $150 Pair

SuLea Info
Close To My Heart WEB

"Close To My Heart" Retail - $395.00

Prayers WEB

"Prayers" Retail - $425.00

Tribal Spirit Revived WEB

"Tribal Spirit Revived" Retail - $395.00

Sweet Vintage WEB

"Sweet Vintage" Retail - $350.00

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