Sterling Jewelry

Sterling Silver hand crafted estate, vintage and new items. 

Countries of origin include the United States (Southwest), Mexico, Indonesia and Holland.  Various stones and enameling are

used and hand applied to include Turquoise, Coral, Malachite, Labradorite, Mother of Pearl and Onyx to name a few.

Tasco Navajo Necklace WEB

Sterling Silver with Turquoise & Red Coral "Navajo" Necklace Retail - $950.00

Tasco Navajo Ring WEB

Sterling Silver with Red Coral "Navajo" Ring Retail - $78.00

Tasco Sterling Necklace, Sprattling Rema

Sterling Silver Necklace; "Spratling Remake" Retail - $1,600.00

Tasco Sterling Bracelet, Sprattling Rema

Sterling Silver Bracelet; "Spratling Remake" Retail - $725.00

Tasco Sterling Silver Bracelet WEB

Sterling Silver Bracelet Retail - $695.00

Taxco Sterling Sodalite Ring WEB

Sterling Silver Sugilite Ring Retail - $295.00

Taxco Malachite Lizard Necklace WEB

Sterling Silver Malachite Lizard Necklace Retail - $840.00

Taxco Sterling Malachite Ring WEB

Sterling Silver Malachite Ring Retail - $60.00

Taxco Coral & Turquoise Flip Ring WEB1

Sterling Silver Red Coral & Turquoise 'Flip' Ring - Coral Side Retail - $145.00

Taxco Sterling Turquoise Earrings WEB

Sterling Silver Turquoise Earrings Retail - $50.00

Taxco Coral & Turquoise Flip Ring WEB2

Sterling Silver Red Coral & Turquoise 'Flip' Ring - Turquoise Side Retail - $145.00

Taxco Turquoise & Sterling Earrings WEB.

Sterling Silver Turquoise Earrings Comes with Matching Pendant; Priced as a Set

Taxco Turquoise Pendant WEB

Sterling Silver Turquoise Pendant Retail - $78.00

Taxco Sterling Onyx Earrings WEB

Sterling Silver Onyx Earrings Comes with Matching Pendant; Priced as a Set

"Dia de los Muertos" Sterling Ring

Sterling Silver "Dia de los Muertos" Day of the Dead Ring Retail - $45.00

Mexican Silver & Turquoise Necklace

Sterling Silver Turquoise Pendant Retail - $320.00

Sterling Labradorite Ring

Hand Crafted Sterling Labradorite Ring, Indonesia Retail - $60.00

Taxco Sterling Onyx Pendant WEB

Sterling Silver Onyx Pendant Comes with Matching Earrings; Priced as a Set

Sterling Silver Bracelet

Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Bracelet with Lock and Safety Chain Retail - $495.00

Hand Crafted Sterlin Silver Necklace

Hand Crated Sterling Silver Necklace Taxco, Mexico Retail - $1,295.00

Sterling Silver Malachite Necklace

Hand Crafted Sterling Silver and Malachite Pendant with Collar Pendant Retail - $78.00 Collar Retail - $55.00

Sterling Wrist Cuff

Sterling Silver Wrist Cuff Retail - $250.00

Vintage Sterling Multistone Earrings

Vintage Sterling Silver Navajo Signed "Oscar Bentz" Multi Stone Clip Earrings Retail - $295.00

SOLD Sterling & Malachite Necklace

Sterling Silver and Malachite Frog Necklace Retail - $1,295.00

Sterling Amethyst Necklace

Heavy Sterling Silver and Amethyst "Spratling Replica" Necklace Retail - $1,795.00

Sterling & Turquoise Earrings

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Earrings Retail - $75.00

Sterling Woven Ring

Sterling Silver Woven Ring Retail - $95.00

Sterling & Enamel Necklace

Sterling Silver Lapis and Enamel Jaguar and Eagle Warrior Collar Retail - $550.00

Sterling & Turq Blossom Necklace

Sterling Silver and Turquoise Necklace Retail - $675.00